Amendment in Partnership firm

Partnership firm is a ideal form of business for medium and small entities. And as the business grow it become necessary to amend the partnership deed.

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Partnership is the most popular form of a business. In registered Partnership form of business Partnership Deed a constitutional documents of the firm which contains all the important details related to Partnership Firm. During the life time of the partnership firm while doing business the situation may arise where you have to make the change in the Partnership Deed of your firm. But we don’t have to inform about every change that took place to the Registrar of Firm. The Indian Partnership Act 1932 has specifically mentioned the changes which need to inform to the Registrar of firms. This changes are the major changes which is mentioned below:

  • 1. Name change of the firm
  • 2. Address change of the firm
  • 3. The admission of the new partner into the firm
  • 4. Address changes of the partners
  • 5. Dissolution of Partnership firm

It is obligatory upon the partners of the firm to intimate the changes to Registrar of Firms within 90 days from the date of change.

Steps for Amendment in partnership Deed

  • 1. Drafting of Supplementary Deed of Partnership firm and other related documents.
  • 2. Execution of Supplementary Deed of Partnership by all the partners.
  • 3. Online application for intimation of change to Registrar and making payment for the application.
  • 4. Execution of Form generated online in step 3 and notary of same.
  • 5. Submission of application and other related documents for amendment to Registrar of Firm.
  • 6. Reply to the queries raised by Registrar of Firm
  • 7. Getting certificate of change in partnership firm.
  • Required documents

    • 1. Initial Partnership Deed
    • 2. Id proof and address of Partners
    • 3. Details of the particulars of the changes in partnership firm
    • 4. Passport size Photograph of the partners
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